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RR track survey

Posted on: Sunday Sep 15 , 12:52 PM , 2019
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Project Description

We need to survey a 2 mile long section of a railroad track running from McGregor Texas to Moody Texas sometime in November. We will need to rent either a DJI S1000 or M600 for the project – preferably a DJIS100 with extra batteries. The project will take about 3 days to complete – – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We will attach a GPR unit to the bottom of the drone and look at the condition of the soil beneath the tracks. We will be collection GPR data and video. We need a highly experienced drone operator that can respond to a variety of requests for surveying the land under the tracks and next to the tracks. the data and video will be compared to existing data. Drone will fly between 1 meter and 8 meters above the tracks, sometimes in autonomous mode and sometimes under pilot control.

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